Wholesale FAQ

Background, History
  1. Spirited Sisters Inc has been incorporated since 2005 and has been selling Healing Threads on-line since 2006  

  2. SSI has been selling wholesale to medical facilities since 2007. A list of contacts and contact information at these various facilities is available upon request

  3. Spirited Sisters Inc. was started by 3 sisters when 2 of the 3 were diagnosed with cancer within 6 months of each other. One sister (Claire) succumbed to metastatic colon cancer, at the age of 44, on January 31, 2006. Peg has survived her melanoma through surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. She has been a survivor since 2002.

  4. Our mission is to enhance the environment in which people are asked to heal and recover. To that end we design and manufacture a collection of tops and pants that we call the Original Healing Threads. Our patented system of break-away panels allow a patient to maintain his or her modesty, dignity, sense of self and style while encouraging empowerment. After all, when you can say “no” to a proffered hospital gown, it is just the beginning of becoming a participant in your cancer journey
How are these facilities able to provide these Healing Threads tops to their patients ? Medical facilities use a number of creative ways to raise funds to purchase our Healing Threads tops for their mastectomy patients
  1. The foundation affiliated with their facility earmarks funds to purchase our tops

  2. They hold an annual event with which to raise funds, e.g. golf tournament

  3. They encourage patients who want to “give back” somehow to donate $50.00/top for a tangible gift to the next mastectomy patient at their facility

  4. We have even had medical directors, hospital administrators, etc. provide the funds themselves to purchase Healing Threads garments
What is the process
  1. We have received calls from nurse navigators, nurse managers, office managers, radiation oncologist, radiation techs, and breast surgeons, etc.  interested in providing our garments for their patients OR Spirited Sisters Inc. sales department contacts said facilities  to alert them to our programs

  2. At initial contact a brochure is e-mailed to contact and said contact then distributes brochure to people on “tumor board” or other committee involved with mastectomy patients and their well being

  3. If enough interest is generated, a sample or 2 is sent to the contact for inspection and presented to the committee by nurse navigator, manager, etc.. Also included are hard brochures of those sent via e-mail

  4. Questions generated are answered by Spirited Sisters Inc.

    1. Cost is determined by number of units ordered; wholesale is less than retail noted on website

    2. Initial order of 50 garments is required

    3. Initial order to be paid in full at time of order

    4. Subsequent orders require 50% deposit and payment in full before delivery

    5. Purchase orders are not required, but payment before shipment is

    6. W-9 provided upon request

    7. 50 garments can be of various styles, sizes, colors available

      1. Most popular colors: blue, pink, green, samples and color swatches available

      2. Most popular styles: Elegant, Casual, Mammography robes: samples available

      3. Most popular sizes: M, L, XL: size chart available website

      4. Mammography robes available in 2 sizes: S and XL; small fits XS-L; XL fits XL – 3XL

    8. Inventory maintained so as to ship orders within 5 business days of order. When inventory is  inadequate, back order dates are supplied

    9. Customers are encouraged to maintain one style and 1 – 2 colors, of various sizes (XS – 3XL)

    10. Spirited Sisters Inc. is based in Massachusetts so there is no tax on these garments

    11. Garments are shipped folded and placed in poly bags and sent UPS ground. Expedited services are available upon request

    12. Customization is available based on details and number of units ordered; tops can be lengthened or shortened; logos can be applied; custom colors and fabrics can be ordered; all for additional cost
What has been the reaction from other facilities that provide Healing Threads tops to their patients?
  1. Overwhelmingly positive, we have received many e-mails and letters thanking us for designing these tops.

  2. The various committees, etc. also receive accolades for thinking of their patients in such an extraordinary, compassionate, empathetic and tangible way

  3. The facilities are considered facilities that not only “talk the talk” of patient-centered care, but also “walk the walk”

How are these Healing Threads tops/gifts distributed?
  1. Some facilities give Healing Threads as a part of their “package” of mastectomy products and information to their patients
  2. Some facilities give Healing Threads tops to their patients at the last appointment with doctor before surgery
  3. Some facilities give Healing Threads tops to their patients after the patient has had her surgery and is in her room; some even have breast cancer survivors in the room when the patient returns from surgery to give this gift and to answer any question the patient may have
  4. Some facilities provide Healing Threads garments as their standard hospital gown/exam gown/radiation garment, this use provides its own particular questions which SSI is happy to answer (see contact info below)
Who qualifies as medical facility?
  1. Hospitals, medical centers, doctor offices, breast care centers, plastic surgeons offices, breast surgeons, nursing homes, rehab centers are the typical institutions interested in our Program
  2. Foundations and committees whose mission is to provide comfort and support to their breast care patients.
How can we start this process?
  1. Contact Peg Feodoroff, President, @ 877-647-3900
  2. Contact Peg at peg@healingthreads.com
  3. View our website @ www.healingthreads.com
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