Medical Community Praise

I have used the beautiful and revolutionary Healing Threads as my standard hospital wear since 2007. My patients' comfort has will always be one of my highest concerns. The attention to detail, the softness and luxuriousness of the fabric, the patented break-away panels, and the interior pockets, not to mention the thought and love that go into each Healing Threads garments make these "jammies" a dignified and modest way for women to heal and recover. My patients feel special and loved when wearing the Healing Threads. And the medical personnel love the functionality of them. Fashion and function in patient apparel, what a great idea!
Beth DuPree, MD, FACS
Holy Redeemer PA,
Healing Consciousness Foundation
We have been giving our Post Mastectomy tops to many ladies after surgery and they have been thrilled. They have found them to be helpful with self care needs; also, having something "comfortable" and "pretty". One woman came into the office who had her surgery prior to my receiving these tops and was wearing a white t-shirt with her drains pinned to the inside. It was of course less than desirable for her as far as comfort and stained with drainage that was very obvious. I gave her one the tops and she wanted to change right then. So she did, then promptly looked at me and said, "Now I can go to the store" with my husband. It made a huge difference in the way she felt about herself.
Deanna Lam, RN
Breast Health Navigator,
RMH Women's Center
Harrisonburg, VA
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