And So It Began…

Our stylish, comfortable, and practical Healing Threads were developed by 3 sisters: Peg, Patty, and Claire while Peg and Claire were undergoing cancer treatments. The experience of leaving ones dignity, modesty, and individuality at the door of the medical facility was not any way to enter into cancer treatments. With firm beliefs in the mind-body-spirit involvement for optimum health and recovery, the patented collection of shirts and pants known as the Original Healing Threads was born.

Break-away panels in shirts and pants for exposure only when necessary; discreet interior pockets in shirts for drainage bags, monitors, and pumps; back opening in shirts for listening to breath sounds; slash exterior pockets for candies, worry beads, etc., even a thoughtful ribbon on sleeves to raise and lower sleeves to the length you want. And BreakAway pants that open on the exterior of each leg for anyone dealing with necessary radiation treatments or are faced with leg surgery of any type. With thought, great care, and love sewn into every Healing Threads garment it is no wonder that people have said they are , “a godsend”, “the best invention ever”, “made me feel feminine when a part of my feminity was being removed”, “allowed me to go out in public with my husband feeling dressed and like myself”.

 Revolutionary Patented features of the Original Healing Threads shirts


Revolutionary Patented features of the Original Healing Threads feature:

Breakaway Panels Interior Pockets Back Opening Allows Easy Access Rolling Up of Sleeves
Breakaway panels on either side of chest allow for easy and modest exposure to what needs to be exposed, for porta caths, to examination of an incision.
Interior pockets which allow for discreet keeping of drainage bags, monitors, and pumps.
When breath sounds need to be listened to, an opening in the back allows easy access.
Sleeves easily roll up for when temperature is warm.



 Breakaway Pant Embedded Drawstring Washable & Dryable Healing Threads are designed with love
Breakaway pants open on exterior of each leg.
Embedded drawstring on breakaway pants for comfort.
Healing Threads are “washable and dryable in your own machines on a cool setting.
Each of the Healing Threads styles were designed with the people wearing them in mind, with thoughtful consideration and love.



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