Our Story

Despite (or perhaps because of) the 12 year difference between oldest sister Peg and youngest Claire, the sisters were always very close. Each had always been creative and driven, and they had often talked of starting a company together, but it seemed that their busy lives kept getting in the way. Then, in August of 2002, Peg was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma. Just six months later, in February of 2003, Claire was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic colon cancer and given 6-12 months to live. These two events brought them closer than ever to each other's minds, bodies and spirits.

Healing Threads is a Spirited Sisters brand, part of a labor of love and a mission of hope started by three sisters - Peg, Patty and Claire.

They realized that the time for their dream business together was now, and with that realization, Spirited Sisters Inc. was born. The emotional impact of their diagnosis and treatment plans drove their desire to help people, particularly women, who were suffering through the same mental stress and physical treatments that they were experiencing.


The Original Healing Threads Collection

Uncomfortable hours spent in hospital waiting rooms had shown the sisters - Peg and Claire first hand, Patty as their champion and support system - that the most odious and visible sign of cancer or illness was the dreaded hospital gown. They proceeded to create four hospital gown designs and two pant styles that restored dignity, modesty, style and personality to this cold, dehumanizing garment. 


The Cure for the Common Hospital Gown

Using soft, machine washable fabrics, these "uncommon" hospital gown designs are fashionable and functional alternatives to sterile hospital apparel. They have an ingenious arrangement of soft closures that allow the body parts that need to be exposed, be exposed, and other parts covered and modest. This restores the patient's dignity, modesty, and empowerment. It allows people to feel more like themselves and less like a defective person in the prisoner's garb of traditional hospital apparel.


Peg has been cancer free since her surgery in 2002, and she is grateful for every day. Unfortunately, despite 35 months of chemotherapy, holistic remedies and prayer, Claire succumbed to the disease on January 31, 2006. She is missed by many, many people, especially her sisters and her daughter, Lilly, for whom one of the gowns is named.

believe. live. thrive

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