Men's Break-Away Pants


High quality adaptive pants for convenience during Outpatient Medical Treatments, Medical Exams, Physical Therapy and Home Recovery


Comfortable to Wear, Easy to Use: Hidden Pull-Apart Side Strips Provide Quick Access to Legs and Leg Casts, Bandages, Boots, and Braces


Uses - Perfect to wear:

  • During home recovery from knee/leg injuries and surgeries
  • Over leg casts, boots, and braces
  • For physical therapy sessions or sports medicine rehab (rehabilitation)
  • To outpatient orthopedic/medical appointments and exams
  • To outpatient leg radiation sessions


Fashion Features for Dignity and Modesty:

  • Stylishly tailored with special drawstring embedded comfortably and discreetly in an elastic waistband
  • Extremely soft, supple, and skin-sensitive micro-fiber fabric for comfort; opaque for modesty
  • Lightweight and stain-resistant; Made with StainSmart fabric
  • Washable and dryable in your home machine
  • "Hospital-pants-style" slip-on design
  • Can be paired with a Healing Threads top for a coordinated Recovery Wear ensemble


Functional Features for Easy and Fast Medical Access:

  • Hidden hook and loop pull-apart closures on the outside edge of each leg begin 8" below the waist and continue all the way down to the ankle, allowing easy access for leg exams and medical treatments without the need to disrobe

Spirited Sisters, Inc. Donated Break-Away Pants to Landstuhl Hospital Care Project

Spirited Sisters, Inc. made a donation of Healing Threads Break-Away Pants for our military wounded through the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project (LHCP). LHCP is an organization that supports America's largest overseas U.S. Military Hospital as well as Combat Support Hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Rachel B. Hause, LHCP Secretary wrote the following in a letter to us:

"...thank you for the efforts of Spirited Sisters in providing comfort and care items to our military wounded. The . . . break-away pants that you contributed will be used to clothe the wounded with severe leg injuries who are hospitalized at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) following evacuation from Iraq and Afghanistan. The dark colors and variety of sizes make them ideal for the needs at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and the desire of soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen to be 'in uniform.'"

"...The break-away pants that you sent were found to be 'the best hospital pants' by LHCP president Karen Grimord. When we found your Healing Threads website, we learned why they are so perfect - personal experience. . . . Thank you for helping the wounded make the transition from soldier to patient."

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