Personalized Cancer Care July 18 2017

I am a huge proponent of getting deeply involved in your own treatment for whatever illness is you are dealing with. Through his experience was a very rare cancer with little chance of survival, Mark Roby's philosophies and suggestions as to how to be the best advocate for YOURSELF are spot-on and worth the read. 
Be well my friends, 

personalized healing approach

From Mark Roby's post:

There are numerous advantages to receiving personalized cancer care. Specific advantages that personalized medicine may offer patients and clinicians include:

  • The ability to make more informed medical decisions
  • A higher probability of desired outcomes, thanks to better-targeted therapies
  • Reduced probability of negative side effects
  • A focus on prevention and prediction of disease, rather than reaction to it
  • Earlier disease intervention than has been possible in the past
  • Reduced healthcare costs

I would ask each and every patient early on to work with their clinician towards personalized care. This does not mean using a cookie cutter approach of guesswork and trying drug after drug after drug. A personalized approach is looking at your tumor and finding out everything you can about it through many different avenues.

It also means looking at the whole person, including mind, body, and soul. It's about making your entire being less cancer-friendly.

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