"It" Is What You Make "It" May 01 2017

Thinking about writing a blog and actually doing it are two different things. I have been thinking about it for years and now I am ready to start.

Being in the business I have been in since 2003 when the crazy idea of starting another business came to my sisters and me, has afforded me the introduction and acquaintance of many hundreds of interesting people, mostly women, but men too.

As I have always said, “Everyone has bad stuff, happen to them in their lifetime, Nobody escapes this life without some measure of bad stuff.”

It is the way this bad stuff is dealt with that fascinates and inspires me.

My wonderful customers, my vendors, my friends, and family, all have come up against “it”, some many more “its” than their share. And each one of these “its” is a story.

Thoughtfully, I will write about each of these people and their “its”. I am planning on (1) story at a time, perhaps 1/week or at 2 week intervals. Some of these people are people in the public eye, who I have had the pleasure of meeting, but most are the people I meet through Spirited Sisters Inc. and our Healing Threads collection of personal patient apparel. They all have wonderful stories in that they overcame their “its” and how they did so is inspiring. Perhaps it will inspire someone struggling with their own “it”; that is my hope. I will not mention names and the story I know about them will be just one story of theirs. I will not divulge secrets, or contact info, or geographical location. I will use pseudonyms because the story is then more relatable. In some instances, I WILL use names because I have the person’s permission to, but for the most part I will not.

One thing I expound upon when speaking of cancer or any serious illness, is that it is imperative that the patient become part of the process in their treatment, leading to healing and recovery. 

I would like to carry that over to this blog. I would like YOU to become part of the process. I would like comments on what I write and I would also like stories of people you know who have overcome “its” in their lives. And how they did it.  No names, just the facts, ‘ma’am!

I have subscribed to several blogs, and most are written very well and by people who have a journalistic background professionally, or have written books, magazine articles, educational pamphlets, how to instructions, etc. I do not have any of that in my background. I will call upon my experiences as a human being; a woman who has lived over 5 decades; who is a wife and mother and grandmother, who has been an elementary school teacher in a self-contained 5th grade suburban school in the 70’s; who owned a successful interior design/decorating business for 30+ years; who is a sister, an aunt, a cousin, a friend.

I look forward to connecting,

Be well,