How People Grieve is as Unique as Their Fingerprint May 25 2017

You know, so many times we hear of a cancer survivor who, despite all the fighting and drugs and non-traditional treatments, succumbs to this horrid disease. We are glad she/he are out of their pain and anxiety, but feel so badly for their families.

A young woman I followed on her blog, Mandi Hudson, passed away about a month ago from metastatic breast cancer. 

She had not celebrated her 40th birthday.

She was too young. She left a husband, Mike, who adores her.

Mike has picked up her story on the blog. He relays to the readers what life is like without his other half. I know the pain of losing a loved one, a sister. But losing a spouse, and at such a young age, is unimaginable to me.

Please read this latest blog from him: "What Would Mandi Do?".  

darn good lemonade blog - what would mandi do

Mike writes and rips my heart out.

"What would Mandi do? That is the first thing that comes to mind when I wake up, trying to hold back a tsunami of tears. I keep telling myself this is going to get easier and in time I will find a way to accept what has happened. Everyone is different and how people grieve is as unique as their fingerprint. "

darn good lemonade - metastatic cancer - mandi hudson

If you have some time, you might read previous 2 blogs on the Darn Good Lemonade site, as well:

    • Mandi's Story: "So many amazing people are lost to this terrible disease and we need a cure now before we loose any more to this nightmare. Cancer does nothing but take beauty from this world and destroy everything around it." Read more.
    • Walking in the Fog - "It has been almost a month now since I lost the most precious thing in my life and it feels like yesterday. Loosing someone you spent almost every day with for the last eleven years is harder than I had ever imagined." Read more.

These 'from-the-heart' pieces will raise many questions, chief among them, "why is this disease allowed to kill so many young and not-so-young people. Not just metastatic breast cancer, but ALL metastatic cancers?" 

Be well,