Cancer Patients Command the Runway July 13 2016

This is an obvious self-promotion!

This comes from Ann Marie Otis of Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer.

In April, 2016, Ann hosted a fashion show during Syracuse, NY's fashion week.

I think this is a brilliant idea for encouraging cancer patients and their caregivers to know that there are SO MANY of us survivors who care about them and their comfort. Ann explains how important it is for cancer patients to do things for themselves that help them to look good and to feel good.

This new segment spotlighted our "Elegant" hospital top and our breakaway recovery pants. Ann explains that the top is perfect to wear to chemotherapy appointments. She shows how the top edge velcros down for easy access to the port so that the patient doesn't need to take her top off while she is in treatment.  

She can look, as Ann puts it, "Sassy. Cute. Adorable".  Sherry, the model, showed the interviewers how the sleeves are easily adjustable (long for those cold hospital rooms or shorten them up for those heat flashes) and the back velcro feature for easy access if the physician needs to listen to her heart. The breakaway pants velcro feature was discussed as another way to help regulate body temperature as well as to access ports or other medical devices for the lower part of the body. The male interviewer wraps it all up: "So - It's fashionable and functional!"

 As Sherry tells us on the video, the top is very comfortable, extremely soft and makes her feel great.

As you may have already realized, we are passionate about helping to heal not only bodies but minds and spirits!

I hope you might be interested in hosting a similar fund-raiser. If that's the case, you could start by contacting me or Ann Marie. We'd love to get you started.

Thank you and please excuse the self-promotion!

I couldn't help it!

Be well, Peg