Peace June 20 2014

Peace. It was the mantra for so many of us Boomers in the 60's and 70's. "Give peace a chance, that's all we are asking", one of my favorites. The Vietnam War was the event that gave rise to the peace movement. And because of all those demonstrators begging for peace, peace was achieved and the Vietnam War ended.
But a peaceful world is an oxymoron these days. The news is filled with decidedly un-peaceful events everywhere in the world. I try to avoid the media and the horror it splays across the television screens, but it is almost impossible to do so. The lack of peace and the constant barrage of unhappy news affects all of us. For me personally, it brings stress and confusion. And stress and confusion do not help the body heal, it hinders the body from healing. I try to engage in peaceful activities and thoughts to keep illness away. I find that having friends that are of like mind is a huge help. As is exercise, as is eating properly, as is prayer and meditation, as is helping people, as is mindfulness, as is having fun, as is as much time near the ocean as possible, as is erasing unhappy thoughts and people from my mind (and life!) when they intrude into my brain.
Of course these are things that are easier to say or write than to actually do! But I try......
LA and Chicago are 2 of my favorite cities because that is where my children, their spouses and our grandchildren live! I have been to both places in the past 2 weeks. These visits bring me nothing but pure joy and peace. By peace I mean inner peace, certainly not peace and quiet! Playing with 4 grandchildren, 3 under the age of 3 (#1 is the ripe old age of 6!) is certainly not peaceful in the sense of quiet! But it is peace in terms of happiness, satisfaction, contentment, and awe at the creativity, humor, freedom, intelligence, naivety, confidence, and love that they demonstrate in so many different ways. And it does give me reason to hope that the world will go on, and perhaps their generation, "will make the world a better place, for you and for me". I hope so with all the fiber of my being.
In this time of global upheaval and national disgruntle-ness it does my heart good to spend time with these little darlins'. It makes me happy and the travel part is well worth the time! Spending time with them is a privilege and an honor and gives me a feeling of peace that is often so hard to achieve.
Do you think peace in this world is possible? How about in your own world? What gives you the most peace?? Where do you go to find it? Who or what helps you achieve peace? Please share here! Thank you and ...peace to you all.