First, A Little Housework May 27 2014

Hopefully this will be the first of many articels I write and you read! I spend a lot of time reading on the Internet. I am hoping to share a lot of what I learn, from reputable sites, with you. There are people who say what I want to say in a more interesting way. Hopefully you will find them informative, factual, inspiring, emotional, and yes, even a bit humorous!

The housework part of this title needs a little explaining. Late last year it came to my attention that my domain name,, a name I had had since 2005, had been stolen. How it came to be available is still under discussion and discovery, but the fact is it had been stolen. The person who stole our name ran an unsavory business and he gave our name to it! This of course made me crazy and filled me with fear and dread that my customers would go online to our site and see the "new"!!!! To make a long story short, I immediately started working with my attorney to get this person to give up the name and take the site off line. I was warned that this is very hard to do and hardly ever happens. Well, a month or 2 later it was done! The person was located and talked to by my attorneys and agreed to remove our domain name from his site and never use it again. So, I own again, thankfully!

However, some damage had been done. To anyone who visited the stolen site, I apologize. To anyone who came across this site while searching "clothing to wear after mastectomy surgery" or "dignified and modest hospital wear" or some such and came across this counterfeit site, I apologize. I had to change my e-mail address to  and all other addresses to _________ This has caused much confusion and lots of e-mails of explanation, etc.. The only domain name we use now is

Now, more housekeeping......In the interest of saving money I had a phone number deleted from my Verizon account. I never used it, I never displayed it, I never told anyone what it was, so why pay for it? I was assured by the account rep on the phone that the 877-647-3900 I had attached to that account would not be disconnected. Foolishly, I took her word for it and did not check. Ten days later I discovered that yes, our 877-647-3900 had been disconnected! Again, I apologize to anyone who called and was told the number did not exist. I was able to straighten this all out, but only after talking to the 3rd rep from said phone company.

Now I believe all the housework I needed to take care of is done. However, if you ever visit the site and find something strange, do not hesitate to call 877-647-3900 or e-mail me @ And for that matter, if you have any comments or suggestions to make re our site or our products, please share with me!

Be well........