Casual Healing Threads Video Testimonial by Hans Rueffert, May 12 2014


Hey folks. My name is Hans Rueffert.  I am a stomach cancer patient at MD Anderson right now, about to have a total gastrectomy. One of the worst things about being in the hospital is being uncomfortable, especially with those awful robes they give you before and after surgery.  You know, they tie in the back and they're open in the back so you have to wear two of them which to cover up your privates. It's just incredibly uncomfortable. They don't breathe well and they stain in easily.

So my wife found a website called Healing Threads.  We finally ordered their men's casual top.
I just want to show off why this has become sort of an essential for us when we're in the hospital. The key were these velcro closures.
men's hospital recovery velcro shirt 
They sort of make it look like a chef's coat which is kind of cool because I'm a chef, so I'm comfortable with this kind of top. The velcro openings are all over.
I want to start by showing you that I have some telemetry leads that are all of my chest right now. Rather than having to go through the top of the jacket or underneath, there are velcro openings under the arms so I'm able to feed the telemetry lines in. Then from the inside,  I'm able to attach the delivery lines to the pads without again having wires coming everywhere. So the garment actually hides the whole squirrel's nest of telemetry lines very comfortably so I don't have them coming out of everywhere.

I have velcro flaps on both sides here for telemetry lines. I have velcro that runs all the way down the middle that opens up, too,  so I am able to put it on much like a like a jacket and then have these nice wide sleeves so when you have, as I do right now, PICC lines coming out of my arm instead of having a tight fitting shirt or jacket I got these nice wide sleeves. If I get hot, I have a more velcro that I can bring sleeves up and velcro them to stay up. If we get cold, (which often happens in the hospital) I just pop the velcro and unroll the sleeves. Again these sleeves aren't so tight that they're constricting.
There are also velcro panels in the back so if they need to access post-surgery which they have before for me they can very easily just open the back and reach those things without me having to wrestle off my shirt.

I think my favorite function is that inside the jacket there are pockets. If you ever have to have JP bulbs, which are kind of gross, they're collection tubes for human fluids. When they drain out, rather than having attached to the outside of the shirts and when you're walking in the hospital people see that the gunk that's draining you have those comfortably and conveniently, sort of, tucked away inside of the jacket so when the nurses need to change that or empty those all I have to do is just unvelcro the shirt. They get the bulb and I can just tuck it back away when I'm done. Then the whole thing just velcros back together.

So, I guess you know this really is comfortable  - more than more than everything else. It's stain-resistant. It's very lightweight. It doesn't sweat, unlike those really heavy uncomfortable robes that are sort of standard issue at hospitals.
So Healing Threads has this whole line both men's and women's pants and tops.
This is just sort of a from-the-heart patient testimonial. I think it's an amazing thing. If you're going to be stuck in the hospital (and I honestly, genuinely, hope that you never do) - but if you are, this is the way to go. Be as comfortable as you can be.