Peace June 20 2014

Peace. It was the mantra for so many of us Boomers in the 60's and 70's. "Give peace a chance, that's all we are asking", one of my favorites. The Vietnam War was the event that gave rise to the peace movement. And because of all those demonstrators begging for peace, peace was achieved and the Vietnam War ended. But a peaceful world is an oxymoron these days. The news...

First, A Little Housework May 27 2014

Hopefully this will be the first of many articels I write and you read! I spend a lot of time reading on the Internet. I am hoping to share a lot of what I learn, from reputable sites, with you. There are people who say what I want to say in a more interesting way. Hopefully you will find them informative, factual, inspiring, emotional, and yes, even a bit humorous!...

Casual Healing Threads Video Testimonial by Hans Rueffert, May 12 2014

Facilities that Provide the Original Healing Threads Garments to Their Patients September 24 2013

We like to explain that these following medical facilities and foundations actually not only “talk the talk”, but “walk the walk” of patient-centered care. We are most eager to include YOUR facility in our list! Partnership for Breast Care at Hartford Hospital, Hartford, Connecticut Driving for a Cure provides Healing Threads for Ohio Valley Medical Center, West Virginia East Ohio Regional Hospital, Ohio Cambridge Regional Cancer Center, Ohio West Virginia...
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